Patient Testimonials

We are proud to share some patient comments regarding our office and our care.

Regarding Dr. Tom:

“This doctor is awesome, I had all of my wisdom teeth out by him. The procedure was completely painless, and he cares about his patients. Few days ago, I had my last two wisdom teeth extracted, and he called me at night asking how I was doing 🙂 “

“Truly a great oral surgeon. Went to have my front tooth extracted & then grafted to get ready for an implant……since then, I have had many follow-up visits that he patiently attended to…..he works nicely with my orthodontist in accommodating a workable space for my front tooth.”

“Dr. Tom really made me feel comfortable, or rather the whole office did. I was extremely nervous about getting my two bottom wisdom teeth out…..I was very nervous the day of, but they made me feel comfortable, very calm after the nitrous started! So, I highly recommend Dr. Tom!”

“Dr. Tom was a good experience in removing two impacted wisdoms….He is a very nice person to deal with and provided excellent details and options.”