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We are proud to share some patient comments regarding our office and our care.

Regarding Dr. Tom:

"This doctor is awesome, I had all of my wisdom teeth out by him. The procedure was completely painless, and he cares about his patients. Few days ago, I had my last two wisdom teeth extracted, and he called me at night asking how I was doing :) "

"Truly a great oral surgeon. Went to have my front tooth extracted & then grafted to get ready for an implant......since then, I have had many follow-up visits that he patiently attended to.....he works nicely with my orthodontist in accommodating a workable space for my front tooth."

"Dr. Tom really made me feel comfortable, or rather the whole office did. I was extremely nervous about getting my two bottom wisdom teeth out.....I was very nervous the day of, but they made me feel comfortable, very calm after the nitrous started! So, I highly recommend Dr. Tom!"

"Dr. Tom was a good experience in removing two impacted wisdoms....He is a very nice person to deal with and provided excellent details and options."

Regarding Dr. Silva:

"Came here to get my last wisdom tooth removed....Overall, as good an experience as you can expect from a tooth extraction. I definitely recommend Dr. Silva and her staff."

"I had 2 upper wisdom teeth removed on late Friday afternoon, today is Monday and I'm happily back to school...The staff is so friendly from making your appointments, to the consultation, and presenting treatment estimates. After hearing so many horror stories of wisdom teeth removal, I'm so grateful I went to see Dr. Silva."

"I got all 3 of my wisdom teeth extracted at the same time by Dr. Silva. She is very skillful and extremely gentle with her procedure. She explained to me carefully what goes on during the extraction and gave me options about the extraction procedure. She is also a very kind and great doctor. I would recommend her to my friends and family."